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Effortlessly Access a Separate Summary of Audit Cases

Graphical Synopsis

  • Receive a simplified view of your return filing summary

  • Access a separate summary of audit cases

  • View a graphical synopsis of your information

Get Useful Information with Comparative Income Head Graphs for the Present and Past Years

The key points are:

  • View a detailed comparison of income heads through graphical representation

  • Get a recapitulation of income heads for current and previous years

  • Use the graphs to gain valuable insights into your financial information

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Preparation of Schedule III Balance Sheet and Financial Statements

The following are the key points for the preparation of Schedule III balance sheet and financial statements as per Companies Act, 2013:

The key points are:

  • Detailed Drafting of Financial Statements: The financial statements should be drafted in a detailed manner, taking into consideration all the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Real-time Preparation of Financial Statements: The financial statements should be prepared in real-time, with the help of drag and drop features from the trial balance.

  • Single Page View: The balance sheet, profit and loss, and trial balance should be presented in a single-page view, allowing for quick and easy reference.

  • Notes Preparation: Notes should be prepared along with the items of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, providing additional information and explanation where necessary.

  • Detailed Additional Notes: Detailed additional notes should be provided for the balance sheet and profit and loss account, covering important areas such as contingent liabilities, related party transactions, and employee benefits.

  • Analytical Ratio: Analytical ratios should be calculated, with a degree of variance with respect to the previous year, providing a better understanding of the financial performance of the company.

  • Real-time View of Difference: Real-time view of the difference in the balance sheet between the current year and the previous year should be provided, highlighting any significant changes that have occurred.

Easily Prepare Financial Statements with Swift Ledger Management

Efficiently manage your financial ledgers with seamless drag and drop functionality, allowing for rapid preparation of accurate financial statements.

The key points are:

  • Utilize drag and drop functionality to easily manage financial ledgers from trail balance

  • Quickly prepare accurate financial statements with efficient processes.

Prepare Form 3CA-3CB/ Form 3CB-3CD report quickly

The key points are:

  • Clause Wise Presentation

  • Single Page View of complete report

  • Input Data validations to save from accidentally wrong disclosures

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Importing Data from Various Sources:

  • Importing from Excel

  • Importing from JSON

  • Importing from Form 16-PDF

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Other features

Trial Balance

Simplify Your Accounting with Trial Balance Consolidation and Import

  • Auto- Consolidated
  • Multiple Business Consolidation
  • One Click Import
  • CY & PY comparison
  • Quick Accounting Entry

Intelligent Data Management

Introducing Intelligent Data Management: Streamlining Income Data for Easy ITR Filing

  • Data Management
  • Automatic Preparation
  • Comparative Heads of Income
  • Smart Data Identification
  • Suggesting right ITR form
  • Auto-Suggestions
  • Saves User Effort & Time


Seamless Integration with Related Compliances for Hassle-Free Management

  • Integration with GSTN portal
  • Integration with IT portal
Income Tax

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