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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any specific system requirements?
NO, you can work from anywhere, from any system. It just requires Internet connectivity.
Do I need to take data backup?
No , you do not need to backup your data.
Can I Prepare Schedule III Balance sheet?
Most of Your Schedule III data is auto-prepared by software based upon the Trial Balance Imported.
What If I need to migrate data from any other software, how much time it will take?
You can Bulk Import your client Master by using Excel, Form 16 PDF and Even the JSON file.
Do I need to prepare the Balance sheet data of Previous Year Separately?
No , You can Import Trail Balance for Current year and previous year and the Balance sheet gets prepared.
Do I need to make manual entry of AIS
No, Your AIS Data will be automatically fetched.
Can I just get the overview of all heads of Income to ascertain quick tax computation?
Yes, the quick overview is provided in form of summary for each head of Income.
What if I want to send email to my client? Do I first need to download the report and then send email by uploading the downloaded report as attachment?
No, You can directly send email from the application to your client.
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